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India-Pakistan to Experience a Turkey-Like Earthquake in the Next 15 Days? Here’s the Truth About the Prediction

Panic Grips India and Pakistan as Earthquake Rumors Swirl

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Residents of India and Pakistan are in a state of fear as rumors about an impending earthquake continue to circulate following Dutch researcher Frank Hoogerbeets’ recent prediction that came true. The prediction was based on a supposed correlation with planetary alignment.

However, authorities have stressed that there is no scientific basis for earthquake predictions and that such claims have been discredited. Earthquake prediction is a complex field and specific forecasts have been shown to perform no better than random when tested.

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It is important to note that earthquakes can occur in areas with active faults, but panic is unwarranted as there is no evidence to support specific earthquake predictions. The public is advised to take necessary precautions, such as ensuring their homes and workplaces are up to code and practicing emergency drills.

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In the end, it is important to rely on official information and expert advice, rather than unverified rumors, in times of potential danger.

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