India Post Recruitment 2022 – apply for around 1 lakh vacancies, know eligibility

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India Post Recruitment 2022: The department will offer 98,083 job vacancies as a result of this recruitment effort. Post office job vacancies have been permitted by the government in 23 circles across the nation, it should be mentioned. Here’s all you need to know about qualifications criteria, process for submitting applications, age restriction, and other important details.

India Post Recruitment 2022: Posts available


Postman: 59099 vacancies

Mailguard: 1445 vacancies

Multi-Tasking(MTS): 37539 vacancies

Postman vacancies available across India

AP Circle: 2289 vacancies

Assam: 934 vacancies

Bihar Circle: 1851 vacancies

Chhattisgarh Circle: 613 vacancies

Delhi Circle: 2903 vacancies

Gujarat Circle: 4524 vacancies

Haryana Circle: 1043 vacancies

H.P. Circle: 423 vacancies

J &K Circle: 395 vacancies

Jharkhand Circle: 889 vacancies

Karnataka Circle: 3887 vacancies

Kerala Circle: 2930 vacancies

M.P. Circle: 2062 vacancies

Maharashtra Circle: 9884 vacancies

NE Circle: 581 vacancies

Odisha Circle: 1352 vacancies

Punjab Circle: 1824 vacancies

Rajasthan Circle: 2135 vacancies

Tamil Nadu Circle: 6130 vacancies

Telangana Circle: 1553 vacancies

Uttarakhand Circle: 674 vacancies

Uttar Pradesh Circle: 4992 vacancies

West Bengal Circle: 5231 vacancies

India Post Recruitment 2022 – Mailguard vacancies available across India

AP Circle: 108 vacancies

Assam: 73 vacancies

Bihar Circle: 95 vacancies

Chhattisgarh Circle: 16 vacancies

Delhi Circle: 20 vacancies

Gujarat Circle: 74 vacancies

Haryana Circle: 24 vacancies

H.P. Circle: 07 vacancies

J &K Circle: No post available

Jharkhand Circle: 14 vacancies

Karnataka Circle: 90 vacancies

Kerala Circle: 74 vacancies

M.P. Circle: 52 vacancies

Maharashtra Circle: 147 vacancies

NE Circle: No post available

Odisha Circle: 70 vacancies

Punjab Circle: 29 vacancies

Rajasthan Circle: 63 vacancies

Tamil Nadu Circle: 128 vacancies

Telangana Circle: 82 vacancies

Uttarakhand Circle: 08 vacancies

Uttar Pradesh Circle: 116 vacancies

West Bengal Circle: 155 vacancies

MTS (Multi-Tasking) vacancies available across India

AP Circle: 1166 vacancies

Assam: 747 vacancies

Bihar Circle: 1956 vacancies

Chhattisgarh Circle: 346 vacancies

Delhi Circle: 2667 vacancies

Gujarat Circle: 2530 vacancies

Haryana Circle: 818 vacancies

H.P. Circle: 383 vacancies

J &K Circle: 401 vacancies

Jharkhand Circle: 600 vacancies

Karnataka Circle: 1754 vacancies

Kerala Circle: 1424 vacancies

M.P. Circle: 1268 vacancies

Maharashtra Circle: 5478 vacancies

NE Circle: 358 vacancies

Odisha Circle: 881 vacancies

Punjab Circle: 1178 vacancies

Rajasthan Circle: 1336 vacancies

Tamil Nadu Circle: 3361 vacancies

Telangana Circle: 878 vacancies

Uttarakhand Circle: 399 vacancies

Uttar Pradesh Circle: 3911 vacancies

West Bengal Circle: 3744 vacancies

India Post Recruitment 2022 Age Required

India Post Recruitment 2022 – Candidates applying for the post office job vacancies must be between the ages of 18 and 32.

India Post Recruitment 2022: Online process for application submission

Applying online involves the following process, which may be found on the official website

Visit, the department’s official website

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