Saap ko dekhu ya ladki ko’, comments netizen for this viral snake video: Watch

Saap ko dekhu ya ladki ko’, comments netizen for this viral snake video: Watch

saap ko dekhu ya ladki ko’. This is what a netizen commented for a video that has gone viral merely within a couple of days on social media. The comment means, the netizens is confused whether to look at the snake or the girl. Most probably he wants to say that both the girl and the snake are beautiful. And this user is not the only one who has indirectly praised the two, but there are many others who have wholeheartedly praised the snake and the girl, who are seen in the video.

Posted to Instagram on July 8 by World_of snakes_ the post has so far earned 10268 likes. The user has mentioned in the caption that it is a Monocled Cobra while he also cautions viewers not to try this. In the caption to the video clip the user writes, “Monocled Cobra This is dangerous, don’t try this.”


We can see in the video that a beautiful girl is holding a beautiful snake with the help of a snake catching hook, which seems to be a white monocled cobra.

In most of the comments that users have put for the video they have praised the snake and the girl. A user writes, “She’s butiful and the snake is prity awesome also” while another comment reads, “I will write whoever buys me one into my will… it’s a good ROI, really.”. And to this anther user suggests, “How much? Take my money..”

Other netizens also pour appreciation praising the video. Such other comments read, “Its beautiful”, “That one’s such a beauty dam I want it”, “Cute cobra” , “You are so beautiful” and “Girls, you are beautiful.”

While another user also praises the video commenting, “sooooooo cute” another one comes up with a different type of comparison and comments, “Spicy pretty noodle.” Another user goes a step further and writes, “Mmm spicy and pretty. Good combo!”

However, among all the comments that are available so far for the video, the “Sala saap ko dekhu ya ladki ko” comment seems to be the most hilarious one where the user praises the girl and the snake in the video.

Is it ‘Beauty and the Beast’? We encourage readers to come up with their comments what they feel about the video and the post.

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