We are mourning under open sky as Ashiq locked our house, offered Final Bath (Gosul) on Roadside Park, says Family

We are mourning under open sky as Ashiq locked our house, offered Final Bath (Gosul) on Roadside Park, says Family

On 5 July Ashiq along with 20 men occupied and locked our house’

Srinagar, Jul 21: After the body of 34-year-old Srinagar-based car dealer Shamim Ali Nath was found and retrieved from river Jhelum, the inconsolable deceased’s family before thinking of anything else had to arrange the space for making last rites (Final Bath) of their beloved, as their house was locked up and under possession of Ashiq Ahmad who according to the family had sealed their house as their deceased son owed him amount of around 13 Lac.


Rameez Ali Nath brother of deceased while speaking to the Asian News Hub—ANH alleged that Ashiq Ahmad was torturing his brother both physically and mentally from some time as they both had deal for a car in Feb this year which eventually did not materialize, against which his brother had initiated the return of money.

“My brother had a car deal with Ashiq which did not mature as Ashiq was looking for car with finance which was not possible on the car type he was looking for, and we initiated the return after a time frame of around 2 months”, he said

As per the bereaved Nath family, miseries did not end up with just one deal with Ashiq Ahmad as their deceased son owed money to other people as well on account of car dealings, but Ashiq Ahmad would club the balance of other people to him and assured them he (Ashiq) would retrieve money from now deceased Shamim Ali

Crying profusely Rameez said as he was coming back to valley to celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr with his family, his mother called him informing that his brother was picked up by the Police station Safa Kadal and alleged he was beaten up the police personal at the police station.

“In Police station it was decided that we liquidate the balance we owed to Ashiq and other couple more people which Ashiq had decided to receive on their behalf. In police station in presence of SHO a time frame of 2 months was set and even SHO went on to extent to say us that if we don’t pay we will sell our house and pay them. We were under pressure from every side even Police was not understanding our situation and were favoring Ashiq and his men”, he added

He said that Police knew their plight, alleging that police never listened to them and supported Ashiq Ahmad, as and when they reported brutality by Ashiq Ahmad

My brother, my family all have went through the inhuman behavior, abuses and brutality by Ashiq and his men, he would come to our house and abuse us all and even slap my mother”, amid cries he said.

We were helplessly watching our house being occupied and taken over by Ashiq and his men. We all family members along with the Mohallah committee begged Ashiq and his men to leave our house but they didn’t. After watching all this happening my brother left the house and never returned”, said Rameez Ali.

Many seniors in the local area told ANH that the deceased person was a noble person but said that he had liability issues and owed money to people on account of his business of sale and purchase of used cars.

“Ashiq was a very abusive person, he would run on them we requested him and his men not to seal or occupy their house as they will get homeless but he would say to everyone to give him money and he would spare them. Ashiq is a ruthless and inhuman person”, they stated.

Deceased’s family members, relatives and locals in the area are demanding a through probe over the alleged miseries the family has gone through and situations leading to the death of Shamim Ali.

Meanwhile, a day after the body of a 34-year-old Shamim Ali was found and retrieved from river Jhelum in Maloora area of Srinagar, divisional administration Kashmir on the basis of grievance of bereaved family has asked Srinagar Police to probe the allegations of the family.

Sources in the administration said that the grievance of the family was received and accordingly Srinagar Police was asked to probe the matter from all angles to verify the allegations of the deceased’s family”.

As per the statement of the family Shameem Ali Nath son of Late Ali Mohammad Nath resident of Chattabal, had gone missing on July 5, 2022. After failing to find him, the family lodged a missing report at the nearest police station.

“A body was spotted by some passersby inside river Jhelum at Maloora on Tuesday, following which a police team reached the site and retrieved the body and it came out to be of Shameem Ali Nath”, they said adding the body was taken by the police team into its possession for necessary medico-legal formalities

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