You can secretly read messages of your special friends on WhatsApp

The popularity of the WhatsApp messaging app is not hidden from anyone. But do you know that in this, users can also read the messages of others secretly? There are three methods for this, out of which you can choose any one according to your convenience. It is very easy to use them. Let us tell you that there are many settings options on WhatsApp, which users can change according to their convenience.

Reading hidden messages on WhatsApp means that the report of a double blue tick does not reach the front users. These features are given by the instant messaging app. In this there is an option to be a single tick, message sent, while a double gray tick means that it has reached the users, while after reading the message the double tick converts to blue color. But today we are going to tell you about three such tricks, after which the message will not be converted into a blue tick and the message can also be read completely.

The setting is an option: To secretly read any message on WhatsApp, it is necessary to go to WhatsApp’s settings and access the account, click on the privacy option there. After that turn-off and read reports. By doing this, you will be able to read the message to any user and read reports that will not be able to reach that user.


With the help of other tips, users will have to use a widget. For this, users will have to touch and hold on to the empty screen on the home screen for some time. After this, some options will start appearing below, one of which will be the option of widgets. In the Widgets option, the option of WhatsApp will be found, drag it to the home screen. Only those messages will appear in the widgets, which you have not read yet.

The third way is WhatsApp web. There is also a way on WhatsApp web, with the help of which users can secretly read WhatsApp messages. Move the mouse cursor over the message you want to read on the WhatsApp web. By doing this, the unread message will be shown in full, which the users will be able to read according to their convenience, and their read reports will not go away.

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